Michael North, Greifswald | The Baltic Region. Literature and Historical Experience

Sa 15.09.2018 | 09:30Uhr | Rathaus Rostock


The Baltic Region. Literature and Historical Experience

The Baltic has always been a region of exchange and encounter. Since ancient times it has been populated by various language communities, with Germans, Slavs, Balts, and Finns living in close proximity. During the Middle Ages and in some cases even during modern times these populations developed into peoples and states. As a result, the political affiliations of the various coastal lands have long been subject to frequent change. Various powers gained control over the Baltic, or at least parts of the coast, for long periods of time. Sweden in the seventeenth century would be one example. At the same time, the Baltic region was the scene of intense social and cultural exchange at all levels. My lecture will examine the role of literature in the construction of the Baltic Sea region and focus on the establishment of a cultural and communication space.


Michael North

  • Born in Gießen, Germany in 1954
  • Studies in History and Slavonic Languages at the University of Gießen, 1974-79; PhD in Modern History at the University of Gießen, 1979; habilitation in Medieval and Modern History at the University of Kiel, 1988
  • Since 1995 Chair of Modern History at the University of Greifswald
  • Zwischen Hafen und Horizont: Weltgeschichte der Meere, 2016 (Estonian: Sadama ja silmapiiri vahel. Maailma merede ajalugu, 2018); Geschichte der Ostsee: Handel und Kulturen, 2011 (Estonian: Läänemere Ajalugu: Kaubandus ja Kultuurid, 2015; English: The Baltic: A History, 2015); Europa expandiert 1250-1500, 2007 (English: The Expansion of Europe, 1250-1500, 2012)


Contact: north (at) uni-greifswald.de

Web: https://geschichte.uni-greifswald.de/arbeitsbereiche/fnz/

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