Barbara Lönnquist, Åbo | Lost in the Baltic: The Island of Hogland

Sa 15.09.2018 | 10:30 Uhr | Rathaus Rostock


Lost in the Baltic: The Island of Hogland

Hogland/Hochland is an 11 km long island in the inner part of the Gulf of Finland. Many centuries it was a place where seafarers sought refuge from storms, fishermen brought in Baltic herring to be sold north and south of the island in Finland and Estonia, round stones dating from the ice age were shipped to Petersburg and Reval to pave the streets. However, from the 1870s on, artists looking for beautiful landscape discovered the island and soon they were joined by tourists enjoying the long sand beaches. Hogland became a Baltic summer resort with cafés, restaurants, music and dancing. I will concentrate on this heyday of the island. It all came to a brutal end in 1939 and since 1944 the island has been closed military area.


Barbara Lönnquist

  • Born in Esbo, Finland in 1945
  • Language studies in Helsinki, Paris, Moscow; PhD in Stockholm, 1979
  • Professor of Russian in Åbo/Turku; Translator in Stockholm
  • Klenovaja vetv’, Stat’i raznykh let o russkoj literature, 2013; Transl., Leo Tolstoj, Krig och fred I-IV, 2017



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